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Delivering to spoilt dogs across the UK

You’re here because you want to find the most incredible gift for the dog lover in your life.

Well, you’ve landed in exactly the right place.

I’m Karen, the passionate dog devotee behind Luxury Dog Hampers and pup parent to Arthur the Newfoundland and Bertie the Border Collie.

They are chief connoisseurs of all the lovely goodies that make it into our luxury dog hampers. They take their roles very seriously indeed and are accustomed to the finer things in life.

Only healthy, high-quality, natural dog treats shall pass their royal lips.


But, let’s rewind a little because the tale of Luxury Dog Hampers didn’t start with Arthur and Bertie.

Meet Bailey. Back in 2019, I was a professional dog walker, a career I utterly adored, not least because it meant I could have Bailey by my side. But as the years progressed, Bailey developed arthritis and our long days of adventures and long walks together were no longer possible for him to manage.

He was losing his hearing which made him nervous, and he didn’t do well with being left alone for hours at a time. I wanted to be his side for this next chapter of our lives together, and so I set to thinking about what I could do to allow us to continue to bring joy to dogs and their owners while being together.

And then that major lightbulb moment happened.

I was sitting with Bailey watching a programme about Fortnum and Masons Hampers, and it struck me. What if we could gift our dogs and our dog loving friends luxury dog hampers - full of the best of the best dog products that would deliver a moment of pure indulgent joy. 

I adore exceeding expectations, and seeing the unforgettable look of delight and gratitude when someone receives a wonderful surprise lights me up. 

I love hearing from devoted pet parents discovering dog brands that they’ve not tried before.

It feels like we’re sharing a very special secret of the best dog products that are paws apart from the ordinary. 

Luxury Dog Hampers: Our Values

Ethically Sourced | Exceedingly High Quality | Natural Dog Treats | Eco Friendly | Small Business Champion

I want every one of our customers to fully enjoy the magic of giving, with no reservations about quality, ethics, or mediocrity. 

Choose a luxury dog hamper as a gift for the dog lover in your life and sit back and glow when you watch their face light up with joy.

The Royal We - 5 fun facts about me

There’s a bit of a royal theme behind Luxury Dog Hampers. People often comment that my dogs are treated like royal children. I guess they are just a little bit spoiled. 

The best part of my day is seeing all the lovely and sometimes funny messages I am sent to write on the gift tags. 

My Great, Great Grandfather was a traveling showman. I like to think that a love of showmanship, tradition, and good old-fashioned fun has carried through the generations. I love being a part of something just a little bit captivating and magical.

I love upbeat show tunes, and my favourite is Come Alive from The Greatest Showman.

I spend an awful lot of my time thinking about dogs, being with my dogs, shopping for my dogs…. You get the gist! I’m a bit of a doggy fanatic.

You can learn more about how Luxury Dog Hampers started in my blog, where I also share nuggets of doggy news and inspiration for dog lovers.

Indulge liberally with our collections of dog hampers

Gifts for puppies | Dog birthday presents | Gifts for dog lovers | Christmas presents for dogs | Thank you gifts

Surprise someone special with our indulgent gifts for dog lovers (and their dogs), and never be stuck for gift inspiration again.

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