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How to make a gift hamper for a dog


If you’ve decided you want to put together an incredible gift of a doggy hamper to gift to a special dog owner in your life, here’s what you need to know.

Find out what a dog hamper is, who would want a dog hamper, what to put in it, and how much it will cost.

 luxury wicker hampers

What is a dog hamper?

So, you’ve decided to put together a basket of goodies for your four-legged friend, now what?

If you’ve done a Google search for dog hampers for inspiration, no doubt it’s brought up a whole host of results.  From the good, the bad, and the downright show-stopping corker of a hamper, if you found Luxury Dog Hampers in those results, amazing! Our aim is to wow the recipient and lavish their dog with a slice of the opulent treatment that their little royal being deserves.

Just like their human equivalent, hampers are traditionally filled with the most luxurious goodies that you wouldn’t ordinarily buy for yourself and are mostly gifted on special occasions such as Christmas. If you’ve ever received a hamper from Fortnum & Mason or Harrods, you know what I mean. The whole unboxing experience is as thrilling as the contents themselves, I mean, who does not love a slice of the high life?

Luxury Dog Hampers classic hamper

Dog hampers should be exactly the same. From the gorgeous packaging, the creak of the wicker as you open to the smell of doggy delights to tantalise their senses. It should totally impress their humans and make their little eyes light up when they realise it’s just for them.

Hampers are traditionally filled with food, but they could also contain toys like our Signature Luxuries Classic Hamper or even pamper products like our Ultimate Indulgence Pamper Hamper because dogs deserve to be pampered too. If you’re going to the trouble of making something unique for the recipient you can put in whatever you like, maybe even a doggy themed treat for the human!


Who would want to receive a gift hamper for their dog?

We all have that one friend or family member who’s hard to buy for. Whether they’re the type of person that has everything or will go out and buy themselves whatever they want leaving you stumped on birthdays, Christmas, and special occasions. Treating their dog is a novel and incredibly special thing to do as an alternative to buying something for them.

If you’ve heard of the saying ‘love me, love my dog’ you know there are certain dog owners who quite rightly treat their dogs like family and spoil their pups at every opportunity.

I love my dog

Do you think they would love a dog hamper? If you can say yes or relate to the following statements, they’re most definitely would be thrilled to receive a dog hamper.

  •         They cancel plans if their dog can’t come
  •         They take their dog everywhere
  •         Can often be found in dog-friendly bars and restaurants
  •         Their dog has multiple outfits and accessories (sometimes to match them)
  •         Their dog has a special place on the sofa with a cushion declaring ‘reserved for’ – insert dogs name
  •         They have poo bags and treats in every jacket pocket all the time
  •         They have more photos of their dog on their phone than people
  •         They’re never seen in public without some dog hair on their clothing
  •         Their dogs' picture is their phone screensaver

If you agree that the above sounds a lot like them, I guarantee nothing will satisfy them more than someone noticing how much they love their dog and sending a gift just for them.


What to put in a dog hamper

If you want to make your dog hamper extra special here’s some tips from a professional dog hamper creator to make sure what you make will be sure to impress.

Find a wicker hamper, if you have one you’ve been given consider reusing it. If you don’t have one, they can usually be found in gift stores and some garden centres, a google search will bring up some options.

Cover the bottom with shredded paper or wood wool which smells amazing and is compostable too, you’re then ready to fill with dog treats.

Avoid buying dog treats from the supermarket, the chances are they’ve seen them and most probably bought them for their dog already.

A good place to look for high end treats is your local pet store. You can find all sorts of wonderful goodies.  

Pick dog treats that are 100% protein or plant-based and avoid packets of treats with an ingredient list as long as your arm.

If you’re wanting inspiration for what to put into your dog gift hamper, head over to our shop and see the variety of dog hampers we sell.

 Treat hamper for dogs

How much does a dog hamper cost to make?

It all depends on the size of the wicker hamper you chose and whether you’ll be posting it or not as they’ll be your biggest expense.

A small 10” hamper shouldn’t cost more than £15 but if you’re going all out and want to send a large dog hamper of around 18”, you can expect to pay up to £40.

Then it’s up to you how much you spend on the treats for the dog hamper. If you budget £3 per item that should cover the cost of the treats and if you decide to include grooming products or toys, an average of £15 per item will be more than enough to cover the cost.

In short, it can cost you anything in the region of £27 for a small hamper with up to 4 treats, to around £82 for a large hamper with a couple of toys and 4 treats.

If you don’t have a box to put the dog hamper in, you’ll also need one to post it in. You could ask at your local shop and see if they have one, make sure it’s double-walled so the hamper doesn’t get damaged in the post. If you need to buy one you can get them from specialist packaging suppliers or stationery stores, but you might have to buy a pack of them though. Expect to pay £25 for a pack of boxes.

You’ll then need to factor in postage which can be quite pricey for a large parcel, especially if you’ve included shampoo’s which can make the hamper heavy. I once had to send a dog hamper from Suffolk to Edinburgh when I missed a parcel that was due to go with my courier and it cost over £20 to send via Royal Mail.

Stack of parcels

Now you know that a dog hamper is just the same as a human hamper, however it contains goodies for dogs. You’ve determined if the recipient would love to receive a hamper for their dog. You have some suggestions of what to put in the hamper and what to look for when selecting treats and products. And, how much it’s likely to cost to make one yourself.

An alternative is to buy one from Luxury Dog Hampers instead. We take away the hassle of finding a hamper then deciding what dog treats and products to include in it, packaging up and posting directly to the recipient.

All our hampers contain carefully selected 100% natural, safe, and eco-friendly goodies that have been given the paws up by in-house testers Bertie the Border Collie and Arthur the Newfoundland.

Priority delivery is included in the price and will be delivered the next working day if ordered before lunchtime. All you need to do is pick which one you think they’ll love the most and decide what you’d like us to write on the gift tag for you. Job done!

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