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How to have a perfect doggy picnic

How to have a perfect doggy picnic

Who knew picnics were for dogs too?

I got all excited last week because the sun was shining and I was thinking about dusting off the picnic gear.

Then today Winter returned with a vengeance. I was not impressed having to dig out the de-icer this morning. 

Still, there's plenty of time to check out new locations where I can take Bertie and Arthur when Spring returns!

I love to take them on long adventures in the countryside, and living in rural Suffolk we're lucky to have access to some beautiful paths.

As we're all massive foodies, taking snacks is essential.

But nothing beats a proper picnic with a fine feast of goodies!

Cocker Spaniel sat at a luxury dog hampers picnic

Ok, I know this picture contains a lot of stuff you wouldn't want to carry if you're out walking, but this is what I would do in my garden for special house guests. 

And here's how you can do it too.


A banquette fit for Royalty

Essential Items to ensure your picnic is fit for a King:

  1. Your hamper stuffed full of your dog's favourite snacks
  2. A picnic blanket
  3. Bowls, or plates if you're feeling fancy!
  4. A drinks dispenser and lots of fresh water
  5. A cake stand if you think it'll survive!
  6. Napkins to clear up any drool
  7. Poo bags 

Luxury dog hampers picnic for dogs


Top tips for keeping your dog safe

  1. If you're inviting other doggies to a picnic, please make sure you've checked with their owner that there are no food aggression issues. You don't want your pleasant picnic to turn into madness and mayhem!
  2. If you're in a public place be prepared for other dogs to come and investigate, so make sure it's somewhere secure.
  3. You might want to take your own food, which I highly recommend! Eating together is great for bonding, just make sure whatever you take is dog friendly in case they snaffle some of your snacks.

If you're going all out and are having flowers, again, lots of Spring flowers are dangerous if ingested by dogs so just do a little Google search before you put them together.


Don't have a hamper?

Our hampers really are the gifts that keep on giving and can be used time and time again.

Tap the bio below to see what ready-made hampers we have available for your picnic.


Karen Rhodes Luxury Dog Hampers blog bio

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