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Christmas dinner

Can my dog eat Christmas dinner?

If you’re thinking about feeding your dog Christmas dinner, here’s what you need to know.

Some people are not sure what’s safe for your dog to eat from your Christmas dinner so, I’ve put together a handy guide to make sure your pet is safe this Christmas. You’ll find a list of all the good things they can eat along with the foods that are not so good for them and those that they should not be fed.

 Christmas dinner

I love my dog being involved in everything I do, and Christmas dinner is no exception. Why shouldn’t they have their own? They’re a big part of our family so I thought I’d share what Bertie and Arthur will be have for Christmas dinner.

I have fed them both meat, vegetables, and fruits from 8-weeks of age so t heir tummies are accustomed to it. One thing to be aware of with Turkey meat is the dark meat may be a little rich for some dogs so it might be better to stick to white meat only. Also, it’s important not to give your dog cooked bones, they become brittle, and splinter once cooked and could cause serious harm to your dog. I’m sure you don’t want to be spending Christmas evening at the emergency vets.

It’s a good idea to separate the veggies before cooking your own so they can be boiled without any salt and fed whole or mashed with no added butter.

One thing to consider is if they’re fed a kibble diet and are not used to meat and veggies, you might have to deal with the aftermath on Boxing Day so if in doubt only give a small portion.

 Dog with children eating Christmas dinner

Here’s a list of what your dog can eat at Christmas

  •         Turkey meat
  •         Carrots
  •         Swede
  •         Parsnips
  •         Cabbage and Brussel Sprouts
  •         Cranberries
  •         Sweet Potato


Here’s what they shouldn’t have on their Christmas dinner

  •         Gravy
  •         Stuffing
  •         Turkey fat or fat from cooking
  •         Anything with added salt
  •         Anything with added butter
  •         Cranberry sauce with added ingredients and sugar


And here’s what they definitely must not have

  •         Cooked Turkey bones
  •         Cranberry Sauce with added Grapes or Currents
  •         Christmas pudding

Dog watching Christmas table being set

I hope this list of foods they can and shouldn’t eat along with what they mustn’t eat has been helpful.

Here’s what I shall be giving Bertie and Arthur for Christmas dinner to give you some ideas.

As I prepare my families Christmas dinner, I’ll set aside all the veggies for Bertie and Arthur before mine are put in the oven for roasting. They will have part boiled carrots, (I never add salt to cooking) sweet potato and swede mash with copped Brussel sprouts and turkey meat. They’ll also have a few plain cranberries before they’re made into our sauce topped off with a pre-prepared bone broth instead of gravy. Dessert will be something sweet from the Soopa range either a Papaya or Coconut chew or maybe a Cranberry dental stick.

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