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Soopa dental chews

Soopa Dental Sticks Review

After recently discovering that regular dental sticks may not be the best for my dog, I went in search of an alternative to include as part of the Luxury Dog Hampers range. I wanted all treats within the hampers to be 100% natural, long lists of ingredients and additives I couldn’t pronounce were not in keeping with my ethos for the business.

 Soopa dental sticks

After some extensive research into the best natural dental sticks, I discovered Soopa and purchased all the different flavours of dental sticks. All treats that go into the hampers must pass a rigorous taste test by Bailey which as you can imagine is a tough job, but he does it nevertheless!

 Bailey eating a Soopa dental stick

Soopa was created in 2013 by Barbara, a former dog groomer who wanted to improve the health of her dog Lily and the pets she regularly saw in her salon with food related health conditions. There’s a lovely little backstory on their website which immediately tells me that their treats are made with the dog's health at the forefront.


The treats contain human grade superfood ingredients that are good for your dog and are grain free and vegan, they’re even recommended by pet nutritionists.


Here’s what Soopa lists on their website as the top 5 benefits of their products.

  1. 100% natural ingredients
  2. Low in fat
  3. Hypoallergenic
  4. Full of enzymes that clean teeth, help digestion and support health
  5. Suitable for obesity, diabetes, pancreatitis, kidney and liver disease and immunity


Because I’m feeling Christmassy and have chosen this flavour to be included in my hampers, I’ll review their Cranberry and Sweet Potato dental sticks.

Christmas Soopa dental sticks

Their packaging is lovely, it has a natural organic feel to it. I love the quality of the boxes and the little cut-out window at the front which matches the shape of the dental stick. The outer box is cardboard so it’s fully recyclable too which gets a big tick from Luxury Dog Hampers HQ. Looking at the list of ingredients that is clearly printed on the packaging, you don’t need a science degree to understand what’s in them.

When I opened the packet, I instantly noticed the sweet aroma and I was surprised how appealing they seemed to my nose. I knew Bailey was in for a treat. They felt firm but not too hard so I was worried about giving them to my old boy with ageing teeth. Some that I’ve purchased from supermarkets have been so hard, I couldn’t snap them with my hands. These were just the right consistency to break up making them easy to split for smaller dogs.


The taste test

I’m pleased to say Bailey wolfed it down when he got his paws on it, so I think they’re a hit with him. He’s not a particularly fussy dog so I was in no doubt that he would like them and he didn’t disappoint.  The only disappointment was my ability to get some decent pictures before it was devoured.

 Bailey sampling Soopa Dental stick

 They are available to buy online, here’s a link to their website to check them out for yourselves.

They can, of course, be found in selected hampers along with other items from the range.

Thanks’ Soopa for giving us an alternative healthy option, I will certainly be giving these to Bailey from now on.

If he could speak, he’d probably say he’s looking forward to sampling the other flavours!  

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