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What dog treats are safe for my puppy?

Now you have your brand new four-legged family member it’s good to know what they can and can’t eat. There are several treats that are not suitable for puppies. Here's a list of what you can give them which you can read about here and may pose a choking hazard or could cause discomfort or injury whilst teething. Puppy teeth may be razor sharp but they are not equipped to deal with hard treats that adult dogs enjoy.

My Border Collie puppy Bertie has sampled a lot of treats from the age of 8 weeks when I adopted him. It’s important for me that I give him 100% natural treats that contain no unnecessary additives or colourings and that what I give him is safe and age appropriate.

Bertie with puppy treats

I urge all puppy owners to look at the list of ingredients on the treat packaging and if you don’t understand it, don’t buy it. Treats that are not so good for your puppy are typically found in supermarkets and a lot of pet stores too, although pet shops are getting better at providing more wholesome treats these days. Don’t be fooled by big brand name marketing, just because they’re making flashy TV adverts doesn’t mean they are the best option for your puppy.

We all love to treat our cute puppies and there may be the temptation to give them lots and lots of dog treats just because they are giving you the head tilts that make us all melt. Resist if you can and stick to the feeding guidelines on the product if they have any. If you think you’re giving them too much you probably are, think less is more.

Dog treats are a fantastic tool for training, and I recommend reward-based training with treats 100%. Not all treats are created equal though, so I have made a handy list of dog treats which are safe for puppies from some of mine and most importantly Bertie’s favourite brands.

  1.       100% natural dog pate – Jr Pet Products
  2.       Sea Jerky – Sea Treats
  3.       Pure Coins (Doggy biscuits)- Jr Pet Products
  4.       Healthy bites – Soopa

Always opt for soft dog treats or treats that break up easily such as pates and natural biscuits, or fish jerky. Make sure you check it is safe as treats vary and may only be safe for older puppies.

 Puppy treat hamper

Do not forget if you are giving your puppy lots of treats for training that you reduce their meals accordingly so that they are not being overfed.

When you head to the shops to buy your puppy treats try and find 100% natural, check the list of ingredients, check if the packaging says it’s suitable for puppies and from what age. Always treat sensibly and reduce meals if treating lots for training.

Want to find out more? Drop me an email and I can advise you which treats are the best for your puppy or, head over to the shop and see our puppy hampers.

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